Effective People

Effective People is a recruitment company set up to help Australian veterans transition into civilian life. At the Canberra office, senior recruitment consultant Jess Nguyen and her colleaguesĀ raiseĀ funds with the ACT CDS to support veteran and mental health causes.Ā 

Jess is aĀ green warriorĀ andĀ has long been championingĀ environmental activitiesĀ to ensure her workplaces are operating as sustainably as possible, including embracing theĀ ACTĀ CDS.

In a recent interview with the Canberra Times, Ms Nguyen said, ā€œItā€™sĀ a useful and very meaningful activity to have in the workplace, and it creates such a good vibe and feeling of positivity with us all working together for a cause. It should be something all workplaces are doing.ā€

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