Harrison School making a big impact!

Students at Harrison School have been incorporating what they’ve been learning in business studies and economics into real-life problem-solving and the ACT Container Deposit Scheme (ACT CDS) has been a very cornerstone piece of the plans. The students watched War on Waste and looked into implementing a solution to reduce rubbish and litter around the school ground.

The first step was to run a three-day program pilot, estimate the number of eligible containers being discarded and the potential refund amount of those containers. They collected rubbish, sorted, tallied and their teacher then took the eligible containers to the Mitchell cash-back depot to claim the refund. They then extended the program pilot into practice and began collecting recyclables every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after lunchtime and sorted the containers into wheelie bins in their classroom. After a few weeks, the school organised an excursion to the Fyshwick cash-back depot where they were shown how the containers were processed. Harrison School students invested part of the refunds in school’s activities and donated some of the refunds to charity.

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