Suppliers and retailers

Beverage suppliers and retailers both play important roles in the ACT CDS.


Suppliers of eligible beverages into the ACT need to enter into a Supply Arrangement with the scheme coordinator, Exchange for Change ACT, and contribute towards the Scheme. The financial contribution each supplier makes will be in proportion with their share of the eligible containers sold within ACT.

If you are a Supplier into NSW and have already entered into a NSW Supply Arrangement with Exchange for Change, you will need to sign up for ACT CDS as well.

To find more information on the Scheme you can also see the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment ACT 2017 and the Waste Management and Resource Recovery (Container Deposit Scheme) Amendment Regulation 2018 (No 1).

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ACT Export Process

A rebate can now be claimed by businesses that purchase CDS containers within the ACT and sell or supply those containers to someone outside the ACT, subject to certain requirements being met. The business making the claim is referred to as an exporter.

To be eligible to make a claim:

  1. The container must have been supplied into the ACT by someone other than the exporter and this supplier must have paid the ACT CDS contribution for the container to the Scheme Coordinator;
  2. The container must be delivered to someone outside the Territory, whether they are interstate or overseas;
  3. The exporter must be registered with the Scheme Coordinator; and
  4. The exporter must submit a claim for the exported containers within the prescribed time limit.

More detail can be found in the ACT Container Export Protocol.

To register as an ACT Exporter please complete the following steps:

For more information about the ACT Export Process, you can call  Exchange for Change on 1800 290 691 or email


We’ve created this toolkit for retailers involved in the scheme to help explain the CDS to customers, including where and how they can get a refund. Download the retailer toolkit below.

Resources for retailers

Material Recovery Facility

Material Recovery Facility (MRF) operator means a waste management business that—

(a) processes waste collected as part of a waste collection service; and

(b) holds a waste facility licence allowing the processing of waste (otherwise than by thermal treatment) at a waste facility.

The ACT MRF protocol states that the eligible container factor for each output material will be calculated from sample data obtained in accordance with the sampling plan approved by Waste Manager. Factors are determined quarterly and updated in this section.

MRF Sampling Plan

ACT Eligible Container Factor Methodology for Publishing (PDF, 135KB)

Material Recovery Facility
  • ACT Eligible Container Factor Q1 July-Sept 2018

    The first quarter factors are presented below. The bolded figures are the ACT factors, the italicised kerbside figure for aluminium and glass are provide for comparison. The sample sizes are denoted by n, there were no outlying observations.



    MRF Samples: n = 24 Kerbside Samples: n= 26


    Standard Deviation  




    Standard Deviation  


    Aluminium 55.78 0.80 1.4% 66.87 9.82 14.7%
    PET 16.55 0.76 4.6% 10.10 0.49 4.9%
    HDPE 0.25 0.01 5.8% 0.81 0.18 22.2%
    Mixed plastic 4.87 0.73 14.9%
    Glass 1.75 0.15 8.3%

    First quarter ACT factors calculated from the MRF and kerbside samples

  • ACT Eligible Container Factor Q2 Oct-Dec 2018

    Below are the  ACT Eligible Container Factors calculated during the period – 1st Oct to 31st Dec 2018. The factors were determined in accordance with Section 9 of the ACT Container Deposit Scheme; Processing Refund Protocol, issued June 2018.

    Material Factor (eligible ct / kg)
    Aluminium 57.68
    PET 17.09
    HDPE 0.59
    Mixed Plastic 3.52
    Glass 1.52
  • ACT Eligible Container Factor Q3 Jan-Mar 2019 (Interim)

    Below are the interim ACT Eligible Container Factors calculated during the period 1st Jan to 31st March 2019. The factors have been validated but are pending ACT Territory approval. The sampling was conducted in accordance with the approved ACT CDS Sampling Plan and determined in accordance with Section 9 of the ACT Container Deposit Scheme; Processing Refund Protocol (rev. June 2018).

    Material Factor (ct/kg)
    Aluminium 58.67
    PET 19.85
    HDPE 0.25
    Mixed plastic 4.87
    Glass 1.73

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